Raising cattle has been the lifestyle of the Miller family for several generations, from great-grandpa's dairy cattle through my own father's commercial black angus.  In 2011, my wife and I decided to redirect our focus to registered black angus cattle.  We are a family run farm and hope that our children will learn valuable life lessons through their involvement with raising cattle and be future advocates for the angus industry.

The goal of Miller Angus is to maintain a high quality herd of registered black angus cattle through which we can supply both purebred and commercial angus breeders with top quality seedstock. Breeding genetics are chosen for desirable balanced traits including maternal, growth traits and carcass traits with our main focus being calving ease (bulls).  Animal disposition is another trait we take very seriously. Overall herd docility creates not only a favorable atmosphere for our family as we work with the cattle but for the cattle themselves to grow, live and thrive in a relaxed setting. The Miller Angus breeding program includes AI breeding from industry leading sires with cutting edge genetics, as well as our own herd sires Hoover Bullseye M46, 44 Direct Action 5703, Crown Excitement 1685, Hoover 38 Special S167 and Mogck Enhance 2297.

We hope you enjoy a small glimpse of a few of our cattle on the website and welcome you to stop by the farm when you are in the area. We would love to show you around!

Craig, Karri, Lexi, Zach, Teagan and Wyatt

Our cattle are raised in natural conditions, without the use of added growth hormones or antibiotics.
The farm is self-sustaining, providing top quality hay and corn crops for feed during the winter and plentiful pasture grazing in the summer months.